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Denise Valdez

Nutritist Founder

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I’m certified as a Certified health coach who is holistic who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Nutrition.

I’ve been researching diet and human anatomy since just 13 year old. At the time the fat-free trend was in full swing and I was arduously studying this trend. I can remember being an extremist in this way of thinking until one day , I went to the seminar of an individual who was treating his ailments by using healthy fats.

What? Was my initial reaction. After hearing the research and the rationale for his assertions I was completely enthralled. I was curious to learn more and wanted to know more, and that’s why I started my investigation.

I was able to see that every article I read, regardless of whether that was written by a medical doctor dietitian, or another health professionals, was ambiguous and confusing to me. Some of the information was not clear in any way however, for the major of the time, everything made sense and I couldn’t know what to believe at all. This is when I decided on what my future career was going to be: a nutritionist.

When the time came for me to go to University I picked the most respected school and set out to discover the “truth” about food and health. I won’t discuss the details here but let’s just admit that I was not happy. The weight gained I became anxious and obsessed over “healthy eating” and, in the end, felt awful physically and emotionally. I completed my education and landed the first position as a dietitian but I quit after 5 years. I was certain that this path was not the right one for me.


Today, I combine my conventional knowledge in Dietetics with a holistic approach – the best of both worlds! To learn more about this, check out Why Holistic Nutrition?

I have transformed my body and lifestyle by following this exact method: learning, experimentation, digestive healing and holistic practices. I have a complete confidence in my choices regarding food, and I can enjoy what I like without anxiety. I don’t have to spend all day at the table or in the gym either. It’s amazing to feel at ease and comfortable within my own skin even after giving birth!

My goal is to help you too change your life by transforming your eating, lifestyle changes, simple diets and deep inner healing and the way you interact to food. This is the goal of my one-on one sessions as well as the transformational healing method on the internet. I would like you to be able to experience real energy, joy long-lasting health, your body and the life that you are proud of.