Do you suffer from an autoimmune condition, chronic fatigue, bloating after meals, indigestion, frequent colds, sinus congestion, allergies, headaches and/or skin issues? What about body aches and pains, stubborn body fat, water retention and painful PMS or fertility concerns?

Most people don’t really know what causes these symptoms. They suspect diet and lifestyle because that’s what everyone says, but after trying various healing protocols and diets most of you will not see the results that you want. You may feel better but not great….

The underlying factor that most diet and healing protocols miss is INDIVIDUAL IMMUNE REACTIVITY.

To explain what this is really briefly:

1 – stress, toxins, pesticides, antibiotics, pollutants, food compounds and other factors cause damage to the intestines and increase GUT PERMEABILITY

2 – when this happens, large food particles and microorganisms can pass through the gut lining when they are not supposed to

3 – this creates a response from the immune system

4 – immune cells react by releasing mediators (immune chemicals like histamine and cytokines)

5 – these mediators affect the organs, body systems, hormones, inflammatory response and a host of other biological changes

6 – these changes (particularly the increase in systemic inflammation) CAUSE YOUR SYMPTOMS and further compromise the gut lining

7 – what you end up with is leaky gut and FOOD SENSITIVITIES, creating a downward spiral in your health

TO STOP THIS CYCLE and allow healing to occur, you need to first identify the foods that YOUR immune system is reacting to (which is extremely individual). Until then, various healing protocols and diet changes may offer some relief, but not complete healing, as the immune system will continue to be on red alert every time you eat. You may even begin reacting to supplements, probiotics and other “healthy” practices used to help you heal.

If you think this may be happening inside your body, please watch:

It’s free and it will show you the exact steps you need to take in order to get back to feeling GREAT.


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