Starbucks’ salted caramel cold brew is one of the best-selling coffee beverages in the world. It is a creamy, sweet beverage with a low-calorie count.

In order to replicate the coffeehouse drink at home, you can use store-bought caramel sauce or make your own at home. Then, just pour in some heavy cream and froth it up using a handheld milk frother. Once it has foamed, top it with a dollop of caramel sauce.

Low in calories

If you love salted caramel, you will love Starbucks’ salted caramel cold brew. A grande-sized cup of this creamy coffee contains 230 calories.

For a low-calorie version, you can use dairy-free milk instead of cream and sugar. Or, if you’re looking for a richer, creamier drink, try using half dairy-free milk and half coconut cream. You’ll get the same rich and creamy taste without the high calories.


The Starbucks salted caramel cold brew is an indulgent drink that combines the sweet-salty flavors of caramel and vanilla. It is served cold with a generous layer of salted cold foam and is a delightful twist on the classic. With only 2% milk and a few sugar substitutes, the drink is low-calorie and sugar-free, making it ideal for those watching their weight.

Make the drink at home by using a pitcher or deep bowl. Pour in the the cold brew and top it with ice. To make the foam, you can use a milk frother or immersion blender. Whip the mixture for about five to ten minutes. Strain and drizzle some of the foam over the cup. Then, top it off with cold brew coffee and enjoy!


The salted caramel cold brew is one of the most popular coffee drinks at Starbucks. While it contains milk, it is not very sweet. You can adjust the sweetness by adding or removing the sugar. You can also leave out the vanilla cream if you prefer. The calorie content of a grande size of salted caramel cold brew is 230 calories.

To make the salted caramel cold brew, first, make the caramel frappé. You need to combine four ounces of cold brew. Next, add caramel sauce or syrup. Mix well. You can also add vanilla extract or whipped cream.


If you love salted caramel cold foam, you can make it at home using just a few ingredients. This drink is highly addictive, and you can save money by making it at home. Use a milk frother to froth the milk until it becomes creamy and fluffy. Then, pour it on top of the cold brew.

Caramel and vanilla flavors go perfectly together in this coffee. The cold brew method uses coarsely ground coffee beans that have been steeped in cold water. The addition of sweet cream makes the drink creamy and thick. To finish the drink, add a small amount of caramel sauce. This drink is often served over ice.

Doesn’t taste overly sweet

Starbucks salted caramel cold brew doesn’t taste overly sweet, and you can easily replicate its taste at home. It’s sweet enough to make your taste buds tingle but doesn’t taste overpowering. This drink contains heavy cream (also known as whipping cream), which provides the right texture and flavor. The drink also features caramel syrup, which is available in sugar-free or nonfat versions. It costs around $3.95 for a tall and $4 for a Trenta.

To make your own salted caramel cold brew, you’ll need heavy cream, 2% milk, and caramel simple syrup. Mix these ingredients in a high-powered blender. Once the mixture is blended for 45 seconds, a thick foam will form.

Doesn’t have too much caffeine

If you’ve always wanted to try a Starbucks salted caramel cold brew without caffeine, you’re in luck. The flavor of the beverage isn’t too strong and you can enjoy it on a chilly day without a high dose of caffeine. The caramel syrup is combined with ice, cold brew coffee, and whipped cream for a thick, creamy texture. Finally, you can add a drizzle of caramel sauce on top for a tasty, sweet treat.

The ingredients for this Starbucks salted caramel cold brew are simple and take only minutes to make. First, you need a tall glass. Next, you’ll need half. Add it to the cup and stir until the foamy milk is frothy. Then, pour in the coffee. Don’t forget the salt! The flavor is almost irresistible.

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